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Resurrection Power & Gifts (Digital Download)

by Patsy Cameneti.

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When Jesus was raised from the dead, he didn’t just come back to life. He came from the lowest place in hell to the highest place in heaven. And he took us there with Him. In this 2 CD set, Pasty shares that the secret to Jesus’ amazing strength was his weakness. And that when He raised from the dead, he gave gifts to us all.


Resurrection’s Power

Jesus was the almighty Son of God, and had great power. But the secret of His powerful ministry was that He took on the form of a servant and humbled Himself as a servant. They symbol of His ministry was as a lamb. He described Himself as meek and lowly and humbled himself yet further to the death of the Cross.


Jesus earthly ministry was marked by power; power over sickness, death and the works of the enemy. However, His greatest work of redemption was when He was at His lowest point in His ministry.


How does Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection speak to us today? How can we too partake of this resurrection power and have it operating in our own lives. In this first CD, Patsy will explore this question and give you some amazing insights into the secret of Resurrection’s Power.


Resurrection’s Gifts

Jesus was not just raised from death to life; He was raised from the depths of Hell to the heights of Heaven. That resurrection power is at work in us and has a lifting effect to anything affected by the fall.


And part of Jesus’ work in resurrection was to give us gifts; Resurrection Gifts!

The Holy Spirit, Eternal Redemption, Authority, Gifts of Grace, and Hope of Resurrection are gifts given to us because of Jesus’ resurrection.

Its one thing to be thankful and receive these gifts, but how do we un-wrap these gifts and use them in our life?


In this message, Patsy not only outlines the resurrection gifts that Jesus gave us, but also how we can un-wrap the gifts, take them for ourselves and apply them in our life. You will also have opportunity to join in Communion and fully drink in healing and forgiveness.


In unwrapping these Resurrection Gifts we fully appreciate and honor ALL that Jesus did for us in His death, burial and glorious resurrection!

Resurrection Power & Gifts (Digital Download)

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