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Kings and All In Authority (Digital Download)

by Patsy Cameneti.

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The Mercy of God
God hates injustice and unfair balances. He has set civil authorities to be His ministers to deliver justice and judgement in the world today. If the church tries to dispense justice or judgement, it comes out as condemnation. The church is to dispense and demonstrate the mercy of God in the earth, especially for all those in authority. God’s civil ministers – police, law courts and even military – are appointed by God to deliver His justice to the people of the earth.
In this message, Patsy unfolds more about the mercy of God and how, through our prayer, the justice of God can be activated through civil authorities.


Justice and Mercy

Everything about God is lovely! God is Love, but He is also a righteous and a just God. In different dispensations of time, different aspects of God are on display in greater or lesser measure. Right now, the Love of God is emphasised in the work of Salvation by Jesus. In the dispensation to come – the Millennial Reign – the Lordship of Jesus and the judgement of God will be more prominent.
In this message, Patsy explains how we can actually dip into the next dispensation and request the wisdom of God for those in civil authority to do justly on the earth. Civil leaders are ministers of God’s justice and we have a responsibility to pray for them. God will give them wisdom at our request.


God’s Ministers for Justice
We know God delights in justice and judgement. Judgement is not “the dark side” of God. It’s the part of His nature that makes things right and makes things righteous. This part of God is absolutely beautiful because it makes everything beautiful and straight!
In this message, Patsy uncovers the judgement side of God. He actually appoints kings and all in authority to dispense His justice and judgment in the earth to make things right. If justice is perverted, in the eyes of the world, it’s God who gets the blame! Civil authorities are God’s ministers for good so let’s pray for them to do right and act justly.


We The People
Abraham Lincoln said “This nation under God shall have a new freedom”. However, true freedom is found not in governments but found in Jesus. (deleted sentence)
Paul said, by the Holy Spirit, that we are to pray for “all people” because God wants all people to come to the knowledge of the truth. That’s why we pray for Kings and all in authority who are the influencers of all people.
In this message, Patsy addresses how we can use two of the most powerful weapons of our kingdom – love and peace – and pray for all people and those in authority so that all will come to the knowledge of the truth. This truth will make people really free.

Kings and All In Authority (Digital Download)

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