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Going Up (Digital Download)

by Patsy Cameneti.

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Have you ever taken the stairs to get up to the second or even third floor? Of course you would if you were trying to get some exercise! But you wouldn’t take the stairs if you were wanting to get to the 32nd floor or even higher! You would take the elevator!


What Jesus did for us was to give us an elevator – lifting power – to get us up and out of circumstances and situations that we couldn’t get up out of for ourselves.In this Easter message, Patsy unpacks the truth of what Jesus did for us and how pushing the button of faith will activate the lifting power that God used when He raised Jesus from the dead.


Now, that’s some mighty power and it’s more than enough to take you out of the depths of despair, sorrow, anguish or any other situation where you need some lifting power. Activate that elevator by faith and you can say “Going up!”

Going Up (Digital Download)

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